Wallingford Berks Line

Frank Hibbit Lovelock + Helen Pilkington

No children

Parents Grandparents
Frank Hibbit Lovelock
Birth: between January 1869 and March 1869Registration District, Midhurst, Sussex, England
Death: August 30, 1947Surrey, England
Louisa Elizabeth Hibbit
Birth: between January 1842 and March 1842Carey Street, Lincolns Inn, Holborn, Middlesex, England
Death: between January 1885 and March 1885Registration District, Midhurst, Sussex, England

Family group information
Marriage May 2, 1895
_HTITL: Husband
_WTITL: Wife
Source: Newspaper

The Australasian [Melbourne, Victoria] Sat 11 May 1895 LOVELOCK-PILKINGTON.- On the 2nd inst, at View Point, Boomahnoomoonah, by the Rev. J. D. Robertson, F. Hibbit Lovelock, eldest son of W. H. Lovelock, Esq., Sussex. England, to Helen, third daughter of Richard Pilkington, Esq., of Boomahnoomoonah.

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