Cholderton Tree

Charles Clifford LOVELOCK + Emily CREED

8 children
Amanda Jane RUDGE
Birth: between July 1872 and September 1872 25 20Kingscote, Gloucestershre, England
Death: between April 1956 and June 1956
Ellen Sarah RUDGE
Birth: between July 1875 and September 1875 28 23Kingscote, Gloucestershre, England
Death: June 5, 1953Ynysybwl, Glamorgan, Wales
Emily Eliza RUDGE
Birth: between January 1877 and March 1877 29 24Kingscote, Gloucestershre, England
Death: October 9, 1962St Leonard's Hospital, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England
Rosa Annie RUDGE
Birth: between July 1878 and September 1878 31 26Kingscote, Gloucestershre, England
Death: April 23, 1963St. Mary's Hospital, York, Yorkshire, England
William Henry RUDGE
Birth: between April 1882 and June 1882 34 30Lasborough, Gloucestershire, England
Death: June 8, 1964Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia

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Family group information
Marriage between April 1871 and June 1871


Tetbury RD, ref 6a 611

Note: The groom was recorded as Charles Clifford Rudge.
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