Wallingford Berks Line

Job Lovelock + Caroline Clark

6 children
Caroline Lovelock
Birth: about 1826
Death: between October 1902 and December 1902Registration District, Wallingford, Berkshire, England
Marianne Lovelock
Birth: about 1832
Death: between July 1912 and September 1912Registration District, Wallingford, Berkshire, England

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Family group information
Marriage January 21, 1823

1823 Jan 21 Job Lovelock in the parish of St Mary and Caroline Clark of this parish by licence. Both signed. Witnesses: Richard Clark, Susannah Clark, Thomas Child (P/Clerk)

Publication: John Talbot responded to a letter John Lovelock put in the Wallingford Herald. John provided a Family Tree but no other information.
Shared note: 1841 Census
Census 1851

Note: Wallingford, St Mary Le More, Berkshire, England
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