Family Tree of the Glamorgan Lovelucks

There are two of ways of accessing the family tree of the Glamorgan Lovelucks and these are described below. Note that in all cases the data does not include information (other than names) concerning living individuals.

A Descendant Tree for John Lovelock (1740-1803)

The Descendant Tree for John Loveluck (1740-1803) displays a limited amount of information which concerns only direct descendants of John Loveluck, progenitor of the Glamorgan Loveluck Line. Dates of birth, baptism, marriage and death are displayed where available, but notes on individuals, census records, and source material are not displayed.

Dynamic Browsing of the Glamorgan Lovelucks Family Tree using PhpGedView

PhpGedView is a software tool which uses the PHP scripting language to dynamically display material in a GEDCOM file via the Web. Various views of the data are possible (descendant tree, ancestor chart, family group etc.) and the view can be changed dynamically.

The Loveluck database can be browsed using the visual tool PhpGedView, at the Loveluck PhpGedView Portal