Hints on Use
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Some links open a new browser window or tab

Walk Track (Trace de la balade)
GPS track on IGN map (default), Google Maps (satellite, plan or relief) or Open Street Maps (OSM), selected using the buttons top right.
There are buttons at the bottom of the page for: displaying a UTM grid (right-hand button); displaying waypoints for start/end points; and for displaying photos (left-hand button, only displayed if photos available). For the latter, click on the camera icons to display a photo taken at the corresponding point, click on the image for an anlarged photo.

Walk Profile and satistics (Profile et statistiques de la balade)
Distance, max and min altitudes, accumulated climb; time of start and end of walk.
There are often significant differences between alttitudes, and changes of altitude, as measured by a GPS and as calculated by cartography software. The latter is more accurate, since the GPS system does not have a high degeree of precision for the vertical axis.

gpx files:
These files can be downloaded either to a GPS device or for display in cartography software

Track and Photos in Google Earth 3D Viewer (Trace et Photos dans la Google Earth Visionneuse 3D):
Click on the camera icon for a photo taken at the corresponding point; click on the image to get an enlarged photo.
Keystrokes  to control  navigation in the 3D vewer can be found here.

kml files:
These can be opened with Google Earth, to provide a 3D image similar to the above, using the Google Earth application, which has more possibilities than the 3D vewer.