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John Lovelock + Mary Ann Wallis

6 children
John, Helen and Caroline LovelockHellen Wallis Lovelock
Birth: between October 1838 and December 1838 35 27Guildford RD, Surrey, England
Death: November 6, 1866Farnborough RD, Hampshire, England
John, Helen and Caroline LovelockCaroline Wallis Lovelock
Birth: between January 1844 and March 1844 40 33Farnham RD, Surrey, England
Death: November 28, 1860Farnborough RD, Hampshire, England
Mary Anne Lovelock
Birth: between January 1846 and March 1846 42 35Ash, Surrey, England
Death: between July 1886 and August 1886Guildford RD, Surrey, England

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Family group information
Marriage October 24, 1837

Guildford RD, ref 4 189

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