Second Stepney Tree

George James LOVELOCK + Eliza NEVILL

13 children
Birth: between October 1886 and December 1886 32 28Greenwich, Kent, England
Death: between July 1956 and September 1956
Birth: between January 1889 and March 1889 34 31Greenwich, Kent, England
Death: between July 1911 and September 1911Greenwich RD, Greenwich, Kent, England
William John LOVELOCK
Birth: between April 1891 and June 1891 37 33Greenwich, Kent, England
Death: between January 1964 and March 1964
Alice Irene LOVELOCK
Birth: between April 1897 and June 1897 43 39Greenwich, Kent, England
Death: between January 1909 and March 1909Greenwich RD, Greenwich, Kent, England
Alfred James LOVELOCK
Birth: March 25, 1905 51 47Greenwich, Kent, England
Death: between October 1981 and November 1981

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Family group information
Religious marriage October 23, 1876
Source: Free BMD
Citation details: Greenwich RD, ref 1d 1280
Quality of data: primary evidence
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by: Graham Lovelock